Tuesday, March 7, 2017

It's March??!!

Wow I can not believe how fast time is flying! I can’t believe that it is already March! BUt anyways, this week was pretty chill. We were in the house Monday and Tuesday and I literaly went crazy I think! I don’t remember what I did but all I know is that I wanted to leave the house but I couldn’t and we almost starved, but not really, cause we didn’t have any food in the house! But other than that it was a really good couple of days! I got to take like 5 naps which was great cause I really miss naps!

The reat of the week was really good! I little stressful cause I had to plan everything and be in charge and stuff but it was great! The exciting thing that happened this week is that we traveled to Quito for a day! My companion chipped her front tooth and so we had to go to Quito to a dentist so that they could fix it. But really other than that nothing else exciting happened.

OH ya! Here in Ecuador and I think south America they have Dìa de la mujers (day of women) which is the 8th of March so in relief society we got a thing of chocolate from the men in the ward so that pretty much made my day!

But ya thats it for this week! Love you all!

Hermana WHite