Monday, October 31, 2016


Hello everyone!! It feels like it has been so long since I have been able to write!! But it has been a crazy couple weeks! I finnaly got to Ecuador and I love it here!! It really is the most beautiful places ever!! My mission president and his wife are really awesome and the people here are the best!!

So last wednessday I got my new companion and my trainer! Her name is Hermana Barraclougha and is from Utah but technically from Evanston Wyoming! She is litterally the best person ever! I am so gald she is my trainer. One of her favorite things to do is contact and so I am learning a lot from her! 
So our area is called Latacunga and small city somewhere in Ecuador. It is really cute and I love it here. 

Something that I really like is all of the stray dogs that are here. We even had a pet for two days last week! This little dog followed us all day on Thursday and somehow found us again on Friday and followed us all day again on Friday. We named him Gingy which is short for Gingerale. 

Also the food here is so great! They have a ton of rice, and meat and soup and bannas and avacado and all of it is so good!! I love it!

Love you all so much!

Hermana White

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I'm Finally Here!

So the past like two days have been the longest of my life!! So the first thing that happened is that my companion left me!! She is going to her mission in Chile and is going to be so great!! But it was super sad for her to leave me!! 

Then I left the CCM but I left the CCM at 9:00 at night and my flight was at 1 in the morning. The hardest part was that none of the 13 missionaries going had any time for naps and were exhausted! So the flight got into Columbia at 6:00 in the morning and I think I slept for maybe 3 hours. Then at the airport in Columbia we had no time to get food before we had to be at our gate to leave for Ecuador. It was a really long morning and I think I slept the whole flight to Ecuador which was like one and a half hours. The best part of the morning was flying over Ecuador and seeing how beautiful it was and just think about how much I am going to love serving here! 

We met our Mission President and his wife at the airport and I already love them so much!! I will get my companion tomorrow after some training or meetings I think. And then tomorrow afternoon I will go to my first area!! I am so Excited and can´t wait to write and tell you about my first week in Ecuador!!

I can already tell I am going to love Quito. Everything looks really nice and the traffic looks normal enough that I could (if I had to) drive here without panicking to much. Everything is so beautiful and green!! Love you!! 

Love you!!
Hermana White

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

One More Week Until Ecuador

Hey Everyone!!

It is so hard to believe that I have already been gone for six weeks!! I leave the CCM this Tuesday early in the morning!! Its really weird to think that I am going to be going out and teaching the gospel in just a couple more days!. 

This is the sketchy elevator in one of the buildings that I am in love with!!

So not much has happened here since last Friday but the really cool thing was Bonnie L. Oscarson the General Young Women´s president came to the CCM to talk with all of us. She especially wanted to meet the sisters so last night in the comedor all the hermanas were able to give her a hug and talk with her for a minute or so. It was really cool actually. Her talk was really great but the best part was the metaphor about the current bush that D. Todd Christofferson gave in conference a couple years ago. My favorite line was I love you so much that I cut you down. I really encourage everyone to go and watch that address actually. There were so many other really good things in that talk. 

So next P-day is on Monday from now on!! So talk to you on Monday!! Love you all!!

Hermana White

Friday, October 14, 2016

English Fast

Hi Everyone!! 

So here at the CCM in Mexico, not very many things change from the day to day schedule. However this week our district decided to do an English fast for four days!!! So Monday through Thursday we all id our best to speak Spanish as much as possible. It was so hard!! But it was actually very helpful with my Spanish. I feel like I can speak a little faster and recall some Spanish words to my mind easier. 
My Hermana Friends!

Also some good news is that my companion and I made friends with our Latina roommates!! It´s really fun cause we tell them a joke when we all get home and then we struggle and try and understand their joke, but it is a lot of fun!! Also this Monday some of our Hermana friends left for their missions and it was really sad but also so exciting for them!! 

That´s pretty much all that happened and I only have one more week at the CCM! It has all gone by so fast!! Love you all!! 

Hermana White
P.S. My P-day this next week is on Wednesday. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

General Conference and Sister Trainers

Hi Everyone!! 

So this has been a pretty interesting week. First thing was General Conference. If you ever want to have the best General Conference of your life, go on a mission. I really loved every talk and received so many answers. My favorite ones were President Uchtdorf in the general Women's session. I loved when he said that we  should listen differently to hear things. I also loved President Nelson´s talk about Joy. Mostly because I think it applied directly to me and about why I wanted to serve a mission. it also related to my mission scripture D&C 128:19 if you want to read it. 

The other interesting thing that happened is that My companion and I are the Sister Training leaders for our zone at the MTC! This pretty much means that we are called to be best friends with all the Hermanas in our district! I love it!! 

One other thing is that in spanish when you sneeze they say Salud which means health. But then if you sneeze twice then the second sneeze is dinero and the third is amor. My whole district loves is and we treat it like a game to see if we can get to amor!! 

Love you all!! And thank you for all of your support!!!
Love Hermana White