Friday, October 7, 2016

General Conference and Sister Trainers

Hi Everyone!! 

So this has been a pretty interesting week. First thing was General Conference. If you ever want to have the best General Conference of your life, go on a mission. I really loved every talk and received so many answers. My favorite ones were President Uchtdorf in the general Women's session. I loved when he said that we  should listen differently to hear things. I also loved President Nelson´s talk about Joy. Mostly because I think it applied directly to me and about why I wanted to serve a mission. it also related to my mission scripture D&C 128:19 if you want to read it. 

The other interesting thing that happened is that My companion and I are the Sister Training leaders for our zone at the MTC! This pretty much means that we are called to be best friends with all the Hermanas in our district! I love it!! 

One other thing is that in spanish when you sneeze they say Salud which means health. But then if you sneeze twice then the second sneeze is dinero and the third is amor. My whole district loves is and we treat it like a game to see if we can get to amor!! 

Love you all!! And thank you for all of your support!!!
Love Hermana White