Friday, October 14, 2016

English Fast

Hi Everyone!! 

So here at the CCM in Mexico, not very many things change from the day to day schedule. However this week our district decided to do an English fast for four days!!! So Monday through Thursday we all id our best to speak Spanish as much as possible. It was so hard!! But it was actually very helpful with my Spanish. I feel like I can speak a little faster and recall some Spanish words to my mind easier. 
My Hermana Friends!

Also some good news is that my companion and I made friends with our Latina roommates!! It´s really fun cause we tell them a joke when we all get home and then we struggle and try and understand their joke, but it is a lot of fun!! Also this Monday some of our Hermana friends left for their missions and it was really sad but also so exciting for them!! 

That´s pretty much all that happened and I only have one more week at the CCM! It has all gone by so fast!! Love you all!! 

Hermana White
P.S. My P-day this next week is on Wednesday.