Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

So this week was a little weird. It started off really awesome cause we went to Quilotoa on Monday and that was just awesome!!! But then Tuesday, my companion got really sick. Like we didn`t leave the house all day. I was pretty I organized our Ensigns and made our carpeta de area (area book) perfect! I am just so happy that we have the best Elders in our district!! They kept in contact with me all day and brought me food so that I woudn`t starve! And most importantly they gave Hna. Barraclough a blessing. So they are pretty awesome!! Hna. Barraclough still wasn`t better until Friday, so we lost a whole week of work but she is all better now!!

So this week was also Zone conference. And even though Hna. Barraclough was dying pretty much we went and President talked a lot about not being visiting teachers and actually being missionaries. Which means leaving the menos activos that aren`t progressing and also the investigators. Which is hard but will help the work progress faster. 

My favorite part of the week was saturday evening. The Elders had a double baptism that night and we were able to go cause we had some investigatores going and we had to do a musical number. But the Elders didn`t buy or have someone buy any food!! So in the middle of the baptism we ran to the store and spent the las of our money to buy a cake!! It was pretty awesome actually!! 

I think that is all for this week!! 

Love you!
Hermana White

Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 4!!!

I can not believe that I have almost spent a month in Ecuador!! It has been so awesome!! 

This week I had verifications, which pretty much means that President just makes sure I am alive and am doing good. But it was awesome cause we had this delicious breakfast which was kindof like a french toast casorole thing, but it was awesome and American!! Also we had Pizza for lunch so that was great!! 

Saturday this week we did invasions in the Elders sector here in Latacunga. That pretty much just means that everybody in the Zone comes and contacts in the Elders area. It was really fun but Hermana Barraclough and I caused like 4 traffic jams cause nobody there has seen a white American girl before. People just stopped in the middle of the street to talk to us!! It was pretty awesome actualy!

Then today for P-day we went to Quilatoa (I think I spelled that right) which is a lake inside of an old volcanoe! It takes like 15 minutes to go down but over an hour to go up!! It is litterally the worst hike up!! But it was so fun!! 

Hope your week was awesome!!

Hermana White

Monday, November 14, 2016


I can not belive that I am already writing again! 

This week has one by really fast which is surprising cause I was a little sick this week. I thought this week would last forever but I was wrong. 

One really aweomse thing happened this week. In our zone meeting we talked about working with faith to acheive our goals that we make for each month. Hermmana Barraclough and I decided to make a goal for 25 baptisms before Christmas and have faith in the Lord that He would halep us. This week has been so awesome because of it!! We found a family that is like so ready to hear the gospel and said that if this church was true they would change religions. Also our other investigadors are progressing a lot more it is so awesome to see all the little miracles!!

Today for p-day we had a zone activicty and we just played games outside together! It was so fun! I think today was my favorite p-day ever!! We played soccer (the Hermanas played then the Elders played) then we went an found this really awesome burger place. It was littlerly the best hamburger place that I have ever found!! They even had frysauce!! It was awesome!! 

I think that´s everything!! Love you all!!

Hermana White

Monday, November 7, 2016


So this past week has been so fast!! I feel like it was just barely Monday!! But there were two exciting things that happened this week. 

The first was that I ate guniea pig!! And I actually liked it, well a little bit anyways. It was a really fatty animal and I had no idea how to eat it but it tasted really good!!

The second thing is that this week in Latacunga it was some holiday called Mama Negra. So we couldn`t be here so I went to Ambato and did divisions on Saturday. But the best thing about the holiday is the Wawas de Pan.(Bread babys).They are the most adorable delicious thing here and only are made during this month in Ecuador! 

I think that is about all of the exciting things that happened this week!!

Love you!!

Hermana White