Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 4!!!

I can not believe that I have almost spent a month in Ecuador!! It has been so awesome!! 

This week I had verifications, which pretty much means that President just makes sure I am alive and am doing good. But it was awesome cause we had this delicious breakfast which was kindof like a french toast casorole thing, but it was awesome and American!! Also we had Pizza for lunch so that was great!! 

Saturday this week we did invasions in the Elders sector here in Latacunga. That pretty much just means that everybody in the Zone comes and contacts in the Elders area. It was really fun but Hermana Barraclough and I caused like 4 traffic jams cause nobody there has seen a white American girl before. People just stopped in the middle of the street to talk to us!! It was pretty awesome actualy!

Then today for P-day we went to Quilatoa (I think I spelled that right) which is a lake inside of an old volcanoe! It takes like 15 minutes to go down but over an hour to go up!! It is litterally the worst hike up!! But it was so fun!! 

Hope your week was awesome!!

Hermana White