Monday, November 14, 2016


I can not belive that I am already writing again! 

This week has one by really fast which is surprising cause I was a little sick this week. I thought this week would last forever but I was wrong. 

One really aweomse thing happened this week. In our zone meeting we talked about working with faith to acheive our goals that we make for each month. Hermmana Barraclough and I decided to make a goal for 25 baptisms before Christmas and have faith in the Lord that He would halep us. This week has been so awesome because of it!! We found a family that is like so ready to hear the gospel and said that if this church was true they would change religions. Also our other investigadors are progressing a lot more it is so awesome to see all the little miracles!!

Today for p-day we had a zone activicty and we just played games outside together! It was so fun! I think today was my favorite p-day ever!! We played soccer (the Hermanas played then the Elders played) then we went an found this really awesome burger place. It was littlerly the best hamburger place that I have ever found!! They even had frysauce!! It was awesome!! 

I think that´s everything!! Love you all!!

Hermana White