Friday, September 23, 2016

My First Companion

Hi Everyone!!

This is my first of many days here on my mission. I have loved every minute of it so far!! Learning how to be a missionary has been so great!! And just in a week and a half here at the CCM, my Spanish has improved so much!!

I have the best companion ever, her name is Hermana Siddoway and we work really well together!! We have already taught our first  five lesson to an investigator all in Spanish!! We got through it alive and OK and just a little bit more excited to go teach people in our missions!!

She is going to a mission in Chile and could not be more excited!! The thing that we both agreed that we missed the most are nap time. No where in our schedule have the let us take 30 mins to recover for GYM time of at least 5 hours of Spanish!! However, we are getting better and used to the busy class schedules!! 

Our biggest achievement this week would have to be running a mile twice this week at 7000 ft elevation, well its at least my biggest achievement anyways. Probably the best achievement was memorizing four scriptures and 280 words in Spanish!! That is something that I am really proud of actually, it was a lot of long hard work!! 

Well that is pretty much it for my first week and a half here in Mexico!! Love you all!!

Hermana White