Monday, December 12, 2016

Navidad y Pie de Manzana!!!

OK this week went by so fast and I can almost not remeber anything that happened!!! I guess something new is that we havea new district leader because of cambios. It´s different but fun at the same time so that´s good. 
My favorite thing that happened this week though was that a couple in the ward asked us to teach them how to make apple pie! So wednessday morning we went and made pie! I think that it was the best pie I have ever made to! I don´t know what was different, but it was delicious! We told the Elders and they were super jealous and had me make them another pie today for p-day! So I was pretty excited!!!

Then we had another baptism this week!! It was the parents of the kids who were baptized last week! and it was so beautiful! We sang familias pueden ser eternas (families can be together forever) with them and it was just awesome!! I love this part of being on a mission!! And this family already has a goal to go to the Temple next year for navidad!!! I am so excited for them!!

I think that´s everything that happened this week! I will try to send more pictures!

Love you!! Feliz Navidad!!

Hermana White