Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Changes and Carnival

Surprise!! I am writing today! Three days early!

This week has just been really awesome!! Tuesday we went to do a service with the other hermanas in my district. We went and helped these members clean their hotel to get ready for the holidays. It was pretty fun! We swept and moped a huge dining room and we also helped them carry dishes to the dining room. We carried 90 bowels and 150 plates!! It took forever and my arms hurt really bad!

Then on Thursday we found out the changes. My companion Hermana Echegary was transfered from Ambato to Quito and I got a new companion. But our last day together we had a baptism! It was literally the best thing ever! Lourdes, the hermana who got baptised looked so pretty in her white dress and the whole ward was there. And tomorrow she is going to get confirmed and it really is just the best thing!

Then Friday I got my new companion! Everyone who was being transferd were in the terminal at 8:30 in the morning except for the Elders in my district! They didn’t come until 10:00! But at last they arrived and they left to Quito and the rest of us waited in the terminal until our companions arrived at 1:00! So I was in the terminal for 4 hours! But its all good! My new companion in Hermana Jimenez and she is adorable! I already love her and am so excited for this change! She is from Columbia and her accent is just the best!

My New Companion Hermana Jimenez
My New Companion Hermana Jimenez

The first thing we did as companion was not eat lunch. We didn’t eat until 4:00! We spent the other 3 hours helping hermana Lourdes chnage houses. It was really fun cause the Elders in my ward came and also the zone leader and a couple other Elders. Seriously the best thing ever and Hermana Lourdes was just so happy to have all of this help!

Then this next week and tomorrow are going to be a ton of fun! So carnival begins today and tomorrow. Theres going to be a parade and people throwing water balloons at other people and flour and eggs so it’s going to be great! We are going to be in the house doing something, not sure yet but it will be fun!

Hope you all have a great week!! Talk in a little more then a week!

Love you!

hermana White