Monday, February 6, 2017

Its Already February

Wow the time fly’s by so fast! I can’t believe that it is already February!! But this week has just been one of the best weeks ever!

Wednesday we (like the whole mission) had the opportunity to listen to an area authority Elder Montoya in a conference. It was so cool! There were like 50 missionaries in the stake center in Ambato cause the 4 zones outside of Quito were there. There were a ton of Elders cause there are two zones where the sisters aren’t aloud to go to. But anyways, the conference was awesome! Elder Montoya talked a lot about obedience and the atonement. I loved what he said most about the atonement that the way that we see it is the way that we should apply it into our lives. If we see it as love then we should love more. I really liked it and I thought that it was really interesting.

Also, in our zone conference we got the new mission schedual!! It is so weird but I love it! We now plan in the morning and have more time to get ready. Then we leave at 10:30 but come back right after lunch when nobody is home or in the streets and study language for an hour. So different but I love it!

Also, the whole month of february I guess is like a holiday or something. So this saturday there was like a parade of hourses for two hours! They were like dancing with the hourses and a lot of drinking and stuff. But it was still pretty cool! I wish I had had my camera to take a picture!

Something else that happened this week is that the Hermana Leaders came to study with us on Saturday for an hour. They gave us chocoalte so it was pretty cool. But they talked a lot about how we need to work better with our companion and what we (Hermana Echegary and I) need to do to better ourselves for the other half of the change.

That’s pretty much all that happened this week! I walked a lot and knocked on doors for a couple hours but that’s it!

Love you all!

Hermana White