Monday, January 16, 2017

Cambios!!! And Watita

This week was a really super normal week for me!! (Well kind of) Which was realy awesome cause it’s like the first one that my companion and I have ever had!! There were only 4 exciting or not normal things that happened this week.
  1. Our Thursday meeting with the whole zone was moved to Saturday and then my companion and I couldn’t even go!
  2. I ate the most disgusting and weirdest thing on Tuessday. I ate this food called watita which means cow stomach. It was awful I literally never want to eat it again! It made my stomach upset all week long!
  3. Because of the Watita that I ate I was really sick on saturday and didn’t leave thee house. Which is why we didn’t go to the wekly zone meeting.
  4. This is the best thing that happened! One of our investigators is going to get baptized!! It’s really exciting cause he hasn’t wanted to for months but he now has a date for March 3!! I’m so happy for him!!
And Sunday there were cambios! My companion is going to stay in Latacunga and train again! I’m so happy for her cause she loves training! And I am going to stay in the same zone and go to Ambato which is about an hour away! I’m super excited to still be in the same zone as my trainer/mom!!
But that is this week!! I hope this next week is good and I will let you all know about my new sector next week!
Love you!!
Hermana White